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Welcome to Wachusett's Alumni page! This page was started over 15 years ago, and now there are over 1900 alumni listings. Although there are other reunion sites, such as, this page exists solely for Wachusett alumni.

Class listings are kept simple. Names, email addresses, and home page links are shown for Wachusett alumni who have registered. Select the year from the table on the left to view the list of registered alumni from that graduation year.

If you are a Wachusett graduate and would like to be listed here, please send the following to the Alumni Page WebMaster:

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Upcoming Alumni Events

Watch this space for upcoming alumni events (class reunions, etc.)

Alumni Events Held Last Year (2016)

  • WRHS Class of 1991 - 25th Reunion was held July 23rd
  • WRHS Alumni & Friends Golf Outing & Hall of Fame Induction was held September 16th
  • WRHS Class of 1966 - 50th Reunion was held September 17th
  • WRHS Class of 1971 - 45th Reunion was held September 17th
  • WRHS Class of 1986 - 30th Reunion was held October 15th

Don't see your reunion listed here? Ask your reunion organizers why they aren't sending reunion information to the Alumni Web page! Most reunion information listed here is obtained from the Worcester Telegram or The Landmark. Reunion information is posted here as soon as it's available, so if reunion organizers submit information as soon as they have set the reunion date it will give you a chance to plan for attending the reunion much more in advance. The Alumni Page has the ability to reach more alumni than the newspapers local to the Wachusett region.

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